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Exams Tips


Equity equity equity……

I decided that for the first time in my life i am going to read the full judgments of all the cases in the equity reading list…. and when i say full judgments it includes:

1. the headnotes (which was my definition of full judgments in year 1)

2. the QC’s moot arguments (which I didn’t knw why the hell it was there for)

3. the majority judgements

4. the minority judgments (and apparently my belief that merely because they are the minority, the dn’t count was proven wrong by my last semester exam grades)


5. read all the judges opinons becos apparently all of them dn’t say the same thing even if they agree on the final result….

But wait….. if u are like me and have only 3 days and you have 200 plus cases then muggers are still ur savior…..

Best Burger Ever


OK…. I haven’t had the privilege of eating at all these expensive restaurants, which serve great finger licking mouth savoring food but from the places I have eaten so far I just found the ‘BEST’ burger place ever…..

Its called the Smokinn Frogz Kitchen which inside this bar called the Bar Bar Black Sheep….. oh yeah its located at 879 Cherry Ave, Bukit Timah Road.

Smokinn Frogz Kitchen helmed by Chef Alfie of Suria’s Selebriti Chef… and opposite it one can find Little Creatures Pale Ale and Bright Ale at the pub Bar Bar Black Sheep on the same premise.
I am not a beer fan but I can only say that Little Creatures Pale Ale is one bloody yummy beer.
If ur a beer fan like most of my ‘brown’ friends, they have Duvel, Rogers, Boddingtons, Konig, Hoegarrden and a few others on top of the regular stuff.
Oh and the food there is pretty good too i.e. at the Smokinn place…. the homemade beef burger is a must try….

At the Start

5 mints later

Well…. the beef patty is home made… its a mixture of beef, onion and other spices and its moist too…. it comes with fries and salad topped off with dressing…. BTW inside the burger besides the beef patty one can also find some fried onion formula, 2 slices of swiss cheese (not American cheese) and tomatoes …

the bread/buns are corn crusted and quite tasty by themselves specially if u ask for some butter with ur meal…..

Note: the fish & chips are not nice at all cos one of friends tried it and it was horrible so heads up for all the fish fans out there….

Endless Pursue for Happiness


People never stop wondering about the complications of life.

I would say that we as humans face more sadness than happiness. Many if not all would disagree with me on this but one must understand that happiness is such a sort out emotion that even a minute of happiness is worth the effortless hours, days and years of work put into achieving it.

But how long does this happiness last ??? Never more than a few minutes…. Now again people are gonna say NO… of course it can last a lot longer….This pleasure and enjoyment this emotion gives us makes us addicted to it and we try to maintain this emotion for as long as possible or pursue it further…. hence this happiness is the root of more sadness as it sets the foundation for the search of further happiness, which will entail more effortless hours, days and years of work….. It is inevitable as human are never satisfied…

Maybe it’s a vital part of us that makes us human….



Well… I have been a library worm for almost 2 years now…. proud of it …. maybe if I could finish my work before the exams but no matter how early i start or how consistency i do my work – the last 3 weeks is almost stressful and just damn painful……

Today i managed to finish my notes on Equity and Trusts …. yeah finally it took me like 3 days to finalize them yet even after i completed it… I know I have to do the exam notes of these muggers…. zzzz…. how even if i stay up for the next 17 days I can’t finish all the work i would like to do before the equity exam but I am gonna try…. which means I foresee endless nights of NO SLEEP ….Consistnecy

The random phone call


Today was a weird in a funny sorrta way…..

First, I woke after 13 hours of sleep and felt so guilty about it cos I was suppose to meet my team mates for LCS 2 hours ago.. Rushed to school only to meet them for lunch, which was like the longest lunch ever it lasted for abt 2.5 hours. The end result … well i missed my Public Law tutorial with Arun and spend on lot of money on ‘ok’ food… then we had the LCS meeting, which lasted for 1.5 hours (30 minutes of real work) and soon after that the guys wanted to play pool for the next 3 hours before their tutorials…. OMG – so far i have wasted my life away since I woke up this morning (more like afternoon)…..

Then i crash another tutorial which was ‘below’ average and but bad…. then after that we went to play pool until the other guys finish and finally went for dinner at another place called ‘Crazy Kitchen Frogz’ which was nice cozy place for burgers and drinks…..

Came back full and tired after an unproductive day….. WAAAAAAAAIT the only interesting thing was when i was in the student lounge one of the law student’s phones in the lounge rang…. i knew it was one of my friends and since he was not there i went and picked it up…. and the conver went as follows:

me: hello

girl: hey hubby

me: heeeellllo

girl: hey i just came out wit my friends and saw this really really nice dress

me: ok

girl: but its like 1200 la… but its really really beautiful and i am sure u will love it

me: ok

Pause: as u can see if said only ‘ok’ and hello’ so far… this was on purpose as i knew that if i started talking properly my accent and weird voice would fuck this all up…

girl: i didn’t bring enough cash i can use ur credit card ?? petty please… ur only cutie pie nor…..

pause: now i wanted to throw up: who on earth falls for this kind of butter talking shit….

me: ok

girl: there also one tiny thing

me: yes

girl: there is gorgeous necklace that would just perfect with the dress… the dress ain’t worth it without the necklace

me: ok

girl: so i will get this also can

me: ok

girl: one more thing

me: yeah

girl: there are these shoes

me: fine get them also

girl: thanks hubby ur the best… chat chat later kiss kiss

me: ok

end conversation: now A Singaporean chinese girl spoke to a Sri Lankan guy with a one crazy accent for 5-7 mints, thinking that i was her bf…. she was so crazy abt the clothes and me(her bf) paying for she forgot what her bf really sounds like….

I feel so bad for her real bf… especially when he gets his credit card bills

A simple Life


I have decided that I live an every simple life…. this is how 6 days out of a week go:

1. Wake up at 6.30 ( more like try to keep the alarm to awake at at 6.30 but always wake up at 7.30-8.00)

2. Go get Hall breakfast, this is crucial for me… its like I wake up and just go to the com hall to get my coffee and whatever crap they give with it.

3. Watch some tv show while having breakfast… normally this can range from Old friends episodes, Daily Show, Colbert Report or just clips on Youtube.

4. take a shower, vital – No shower = Very very very bad and grumpy day…. so spend 20 mints- 30 mints in the Shower (yeah I know that is long for a guy)

5. get dressed – this can take from 2 mints to 5 mints at max…..

6. I am off to School…. will always catch the 9.06a.m or 9.22 am BTC to law School….

7. Library – go get the usual place – 2rd Floor – left corner seat next to door 🙂

8. Use this as my base and go to lectures and tutorials from here and return to this seat for the usual mugging sessions.

9. Go to dinner at 6.30p.m with Wickram and Amadeep (Wickram only on Wednesdays, fridays and Sats – cos that;s only when he has dinner)

10. return at 6.50pm and stay till library closes.

11. Take last bus back to Hall or if I am really really really really lucky get to see my gf which would require me to get off before that and this leads to this system above to all messed up the next day.

12. If I am unfortunate to reach raffles Hall, then go to my room is if my roomate is there and then stay around for 2 mints and head to the raffles library.

13. Try to find a place, which is always impossible… if i am lucky to get one stick around till 3am when I have get back to have my 4.5 hours of beauty sleep.

This happens almost 6 days a week…. I know it is boring but THAT’S MY LIFE…..