A simple Life


I have decided that I live an every simple life…. this is how 6 days out of a week go:

1. Wake up at 6.30 ( more like try to keep the alarm to awake at at 6.30 but always wake up at 7.30-8.00)

2. Go get Hall breakfast, this is crucial for me… its like I wake up and just go to the com hall to get my coffee and whatever crap they give with it.

3. Watch some tv show while having breakfast… normally this can range from Old friends episodes, Daily Show, Colbert Report or just clips on Youtube.

4. take a shower, vital – No shower = Very very very bad and grumpy day…. so spend 20 mints- 30 mints in the Shower (yeah I know that is long for a guy)

5. get dressed – this can take from 2 mints to 5 mints at max…..

6. I am off to School…. will always catch the 9.06a.m or 9.22 am BTC to law School….

7. Library – go get the usual place – 2rd Floor – left corner seat next to door 🙂

8. Use this as my base and go to lectures and tutorials from here and return to this seat for the usual mugging sessions.

9. Go to dinner at 6.30p.m with Wickram and Amadeep (Wickram only on Wednesdays, fridays and Sats – cos that;s only when he has dinner)

10. return at 6.50pm and stay till library closes.

11. Take last bus back to Hall or if I am really really really really lucky get to see my gf which would require me to get off before that and this leads to this system above to all messed up the next day.

12. If I am unfortunate to reach raffles Hall, then go to my room is if my roomate is there and then stay around for 2 mints and head to the raffles library.

13. Try to find a place, which is always impossible… if i am lucky to get one stick around till 3am when I have get back to have my 4.5 hours of beauty sleep.

This happens almost 6 days a week…. I know it is boring but THAT’S MY LIFE…..

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