The random phone call


Today was a weird in a funny sorrta way…..

First, I woke after 13 hours of sleep and felt so guilty about it cos I was suppose to meet my team mates for LCS 2 hours ago.. Rushed to school only to meet them for lunch, which was like the longest lunch ever it lasted for abt 2.5 hours. The end result … well i missed my Public Law tutorial with Arun and spend on lot of money on ‘ok’ food… then we had the LCS meeting, which lasted for 1.5 hours (30 minutes of real work) and soon after that the guys wanted to play pool for the next 3 hours before their tutorials…. OMG – so far i have wasted my life away since I woke up this morning (more like afternoon)…..

Then i crash another tutorial which was ‘below’ average and but bad…. then after that we went to play pool until the other guys finish and finally went for dinner at another place called ‘Crazy Kitchen Frogz’ which was nice cozy place for burgers and drinks…..

Came back full and tired after an unproductive day….. WAAAAAAAAIT the only interesting thing was when i was in the student lounge one of the law student’s phones in the lounge rang…. i knew it was one of my friends and since he was not there i went and picked it up…. and the conver went as follows:

me: hello

girl: hey hubby

me: heeeellllo

girl: hey i just came out wit my friends and saw this really really nice dress

me: ok

girl: but its like 1200 la… but its really really beautiful and i am sure u will love it

me: ok

Pause: as u can see if said only ‘ok’ and hello’ so far… this was on purpose as i knew that if i started talking properly my accent and weird voice would fuck this all up…

girl: i didn’t bring enough cash i can use ur credit card ?? petty please… ur only cutie pie nor…..

pause: now i wanted to throw up: who on earth falls for this kind of butter talking shit….

me: ok

girl: there also one tiny thing

me: yes

girl: there is gorgeous necklace that would just perfect with the dress… the dress ain’t worth it without the necklace

me: ok

girl: so i will get this also can

me: ok

girl: one more thing

me: yeah

girl: there are these shoes

me: fine get them also

girl: thanks hubby ur the best… chat chat later kiss kiss

me: ok

end conversation: now A Singaporean chinese girl spoke to a Sri Lankan guy with a one crazy accent for 5-7 mints, thinking that i was her bf…. she was so crazy abt the clothes and me(her bf) paying for she forgot what her bf really sounds like….

I feel so bad for her real bf… especially when he gets his credit card bills

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