Endless Pursue for Happiness


People never stop wondering about the complications of life.

I would say that we as humans face more sadness than happiness. Many if not all would disagree with me on this but one must understand that happiness is such a sort out emotion that even a minute of happiness is worth the effortless hours, days and years of work put into achieving it.

But how long does this happiness last ??? Never more than a few minutes…. Now again people are gonna say NO… of course it can last a lot longer….This pleasure and enjoyment this emotion gives us makes us addicted to it and we try to maintain this emotion for as long as possible or pursue it further…. hence this happiness is the root of more sadness as it sets the foundation for the search of further happiness, which will entail more effortless hours, days and years of work….. It is inevitable as human are never satisfied…

Maybe it’s a vital part of us that makes us human….

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