Best Burger Ever


OK…. I haven’t had the privilege of eating at all these expensive restaurants, which serve great finger licking mouth savoring food but from the places I have eaten so far I just found the ‘BEST’ burger place ever…..

Its called the Smokinn Frogz Kitchen which inside this bar called the Bar Bar Black Sheep….. oh yeah its located at 879 Cherry Ave, Bukit Timah Road.

Smokinn Frogz Kitchen helmed by Chef Alfie of Suria’s Selebriti Chef… and opposite it one can find Little Creatures Pale Ale and Bright Ale at the pub Bar Bar Black Sheep on the same premise.
I am not a beer fan but I can only say that Little Creatures Pale Ale is one bloody yummy beer.
If ur a beer fan like most of my ‘brown’ friends, they have Duvel, Rogers, Boddingtons, Konig, Hoegarrden and a few others on top of the regular stuff.
Oh and the food there is pretty good too i.e. at the Smokinn place…. the homemade beef burger is a must try….

At the Start

5 mints later

Well…. the beef patty is home made… its a mixture of beef, onion and other spices and its moist too…. it comes with fries and salad topped off with dressing…. BTW inside the burger besides the beef patty one can also find some fried onion formula, 2 slices of swiss cheese (not American cheese) and tomatoes …

the bread/buns are corn crusted and quite tasty by themselves specially if u ask for some butter with ur meal…..

Note: the fish & chips are not nice at all cos one of friends tried it and it was horrible so heads up for all the fish fans out there….

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