Exams Tips


Equity equity equity……

I decided that for the first time in my life i am going to read the full judgments of all the cases in the equity reading list…. and when i say full judgments it includes:

1. the headnotes (which was my definition of full judgments in year 1)

2. the QC’s moot arguments (which I didn’t knw why the hell it was there for)

3. the majority judgements

4. the minority judgments (and apparently my belief that merely because they are the minority, the dn’t count was proven wrong by my last semester exam grades)


5. read all the judges opinons becos apparently all of them dn’t say the same thing even if they agree on the final result….

But wait….. if u are like me and have only 3 days and you have 200 plus cases then muggers are still ur savior…..

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