Work Work …. Summer = Internships


Sam Keen once said that Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability…However, my summer has always been filled with work and work. To summarize the previous summers I would concluded that summer = 2/3 work + 1/3 dota. This summer seems to be no better than the rest. The good thing is that I have work, which means good money = paying all my costs and still having some pocket money left

My first internship was at Bih Lee & Lee, a really really small firm like 4 partners of whom I saw and spoke to only 2. They don’t have departments so I handled general litigation with more of a focus on commercial litigation. For the few law students who have no idea abt Bih Lee & Lee, its the firm started by the now Justice Woo Bih Lee…. I worked there only for a week but it was freaking fun – which was surprise cos I expected it to be stressful and boring. Anywaz, the best part was the lunch session with the interns and the after work parties whether it is having a beer talking cock or the partying at the Clarke Quay like there is no tmrw. The firm did give me a lot of experience and exposure into what I would be doing when I start practicing …. And now I know that law is my calling….

I can recall how my dad use to tell me how I should be a lawyer when I was really small… He said it was fun and the money was good…. But i was caught up in the misconception, which is held by many others, that is lawyers lie… and liars go to hell. Well the latter part is right, liars to go to hell but lawyers need not lie. It like any other career, you have a choice whether to stay within ur moral boundaries or do anything for a buck…. I saw lawyers of both types … the profession is
not as ethical and kind-hearted as I thought it would have been… Anywaz I went to court a few times that week and it was exhilarating…. btw …. If anyone visits the Subordinate, supreme or family courts you must drop by the Bar Room, the guys who work there are great and they make one hell of a cup of coffee. A pic of my office table…. yeah that’s right I got my own office…. Kool right 🙂

I am just hoping the rest of the summer is just as rewarding…. no harm in hoping right ????

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