Random conversation in my life



Age: 4 years old

Place: Family Courts in Sri Lanka

Dad’s lawyers: Your honor, my client would like to submit that he does not want custody of the children.

Mon’s lawyer: Your honor, Mrs. Chandra pleads that the father should take custody of the children.

(then the really looong boring legal submissions go on and on and on)

A century later (so it seems for a 4 year old sitting in a court room)

Judge: Neither parent is granted custody. (HELLO – No1 was asking for custody!!!!!!)

NB: Irresponsible parents and a stupid judge left two children (my bro and myself) in the air without any parents or guardians to look after them.


Age: 21 years old

Place: Swissotel, Singapore

A Girl: These last few weeks have been great and I feel that I am falling for you…. I love you <my name>

(Pin drop silence…. where silence was interrupted only by  my ‘hmmms’ and ‘uhhhs’)

A century later ( so it seems to a 21 year guy)

Me: Do you want to order now?

NB: Yeah, just like in Hollywood… as predicted the relationship went downhill from there…. lesson: just say ‘I love you too’. Simple knee-jerk reaction will save many lives including ur own

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