The Calling


Sitting in my office on the 58th Floor of UOB Plaza that I have released that this is exactly where I wanna be. I believe everyone has their calling, the one thing they are all destined to do. Unfortunately, as human we are all restricted from doing ‘everything’ due to our time on this earth. Therefore, we cannot do everything we want or would like to do in one lifetime. We must choose, most of us do not know what we want to do for the rest of our life while others have a preconceive notion of what they want to do. The problem is that most of these career choices are based on either social perception or other’s experiences. How relevant are these to us ? Must we all experience every possible opportunity out there before we release what our calling in life is. Given, the simple assumption that we do not live forever, this task would be humanly impossible. Then how do we really know… maybe we think that this is what we want to do but 40 years down the line you release how misconceived that notion was.

Hence, We can never be sure …. How can we…. human change everyday …. One day you want to be an astronaut and the next a fisherman. What changed within that single day ? It could be anything from a personal experience to force of nature. Then how do we decide. I have narrowed down this to the following:

1. Do not think what career you want to do but rather what kinds of endeavors make you happy. I like debating on anything and everything, eating good food and helping out people. Hence, I would like to choose a career which allows me to enjoy these things.

2. What are you good at ? Most 6 year-olds want to be a doctor or a lawyer. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted to make that dream come true. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses. Be realistic because even if your dream does come true, you may lack the traits to make that career a success.

Therefore, end of the day we all have to choose a career, which compromises between our idealistic dreams and our nature capabilities. Sitting in this lovely office outlooking the beautiful city center, I know that this is my calling, I was born to be a lawyer. Nothing (excluding ‘her’) makes me feel this kind of excitement and rush. The court room, the people, the expensive lunches at the Fullerton, listening to troubled people, late night drinks at Clarke Quay etc.. This is what life should be all about 🙂

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