A women’s scent


Recently, I have discovered that women have a special power. Their ability: detect men with good prospectives i.e. they gonna be rich one day. Maybe, I am paranoid but I have observed this the last few days I have worked at Raffles Place. Whenever, I walk around the city area I constantly see women ‘checking’ me out. Normally, there would be no problem with this but imagine if more than 85% of the women you see are looking at you, pay attention to you and even smile at you. It maybe fun and exciting at first but soon gets creepy. However, after much thought I have solved this mystery.

All women have a secret power and when using that special power they do not see men (bone and flesh) but bags of money. Hence, in their eyes I am like ‘a money tree that is gonna bear fruit very soon’. They look at me and see a corporate lawyer not a Sri Lankan International student with a funny accent. They see a Lamborghini and house at Bukit Timah not a bus commuter and homeless guy. They see designer clothes and expensive holidays around the world not fake shirts from bangkok or trips to the boring S’pore nature parks. I am like their salvation, a way out of this rat race.

Of course, an easier theory would be that maybe I am attractive enough so as to bring me under their radar. However, as ‘hot’ as I think I am, most of these women are not even in my league i.e. higher leagues. But then again, the second theory seems so much more attractive specially if ur in my shoes.

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