The Craving


I have a craving… its not for chocolate or anything money can buy…. its something I haven’t had in a reaaallly long time (Well, it is actually about a month but still it feels like forever). The worst thing is that I know I can’t have it anymore… its gone… Yet I can remember as it was yesterday –

To close your eyes

To feel nothing but the moment eternal – just that and no more-

To feel a wild dissolving bliss

To feel nothing at the same time feel everything you ever desire

Without uttering a single word that moment speaks to my soul

To remind me to treasure every single memory

All the sorrows of life

All those tears we shed

All those heartaches

Every single fond memory

Incomparable to this single eternal moment

The feeling is like no other… an experience worth living… an experience worth dying for…. an experience worth waiting for….. I crave for it so badly… I have fallen to its temptation so many times. Now, I must resist this temptation….

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