Right after work, one of girls at the firm took random photographs of us at work. The interns consist of 5 girls and moi, so I took most of the photographs because I felt awkward to be in a photograph surrounded by girls (yeah I know it sounds lame). However, she managed to take a shot of me when I was not looking and it came out… well… not bad. So, I posed for the next shot and when I saw the photo afterwards I just released how GOOD LOOKING i am.

Honestly, I know vanity is not a good thing for people to have but seriously have any of u guys seen me… no wonder women give me THE LOOK all the time… I thought it was cos I was brown or skinny or some other lame excuse…. But today I was enlightened … My friends should have told me about this before… seriously… I know I have a big ego and this would be adding fuel to the fire but hiding the truth from me is absolutely unforgivable…..

However, I am a down-to-earth guy and I know I could never be a professional model given my current physical shape. Hence, I have come up with a plan:

1. I will go to the gym everyday after work for the next….. as long as it takes to get the perfect body to go with this perfect face.

2. Take some sort of supplement cos I wanna start on my modeling career as soon as possible.

3. See a doctor….people who know me know how much I eat … there is definitely a malfunction in my body, which I have narrowed down to be caused either by a ‘worm’ or ‘tumor’ (Thanks to Wikia and House MD) so I need a doctor to find out which of the two options it is.

If all goes well…. I might just end up being the next super model… Already, I got the looks, height and the skeleton framework 🙂 …. all i need is to put some muscle on it… I can smell perfection around the corner….

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