The idealist fool


We are all idealist fool when it comes to life… This mentality has been embedded by our parents and friends … all those comforting thoughts: ‘you deserve the best’ or ‘why settle for anything less’. These statements have blinded most of us in this endless search.

I am a cynic…. fortunately one thing that life has thought me that every single person in this world is selfish. However, I was not always a cynic… once not so long ago I too was a idealist fool. I believed that my parents loved me unconditionally and would want nothing but extraordinary things for me. I believed that my friends can be trusted, confided in when all seems lost. I believed that she could be trusted more than myself, to depend on when everyone doesn’t see things ur way and to stand by you even when everyone (even myself) would have given up.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), it didnt take too long to release how wrong I was about people. All people are driven by pure self interest and no matter how ignorant or in denial you are about it doesn’t make the truth go away. Now, I have heard of people who say that not all the people in the world fall into this category and there are exceptions. However, I am yet to meet an exception and I given my prior experience with people I am not gonna try to either.

Like the Amercian Stand up Comedian George Carlin once said ‘Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist’. In case, maybe that’s just me.

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