I have decided that dating a really hot chick is not for me…. And its not because I can’t date one but because of my theory about hot women.

All hot women come in a package:

1. Fake looks: they are naturally good looking yet spend endless hours trying to look artificially hot. A hot girl is always accompanied by lots of make-up, short skirts or shorts and high heels.

2. Zero personality: Being hot gives you the advantage of getting what to want even without opening your mouth. Guys are simple creatures if you know which buttons to push…. showing a bit of skin and having a stunning face can make any guy do anything you want… anything…. Therefore, hot women never had to work their way to get something they want. Hence, majority of them lack character and personality.

3. Never skin deep: A women who spends hours on trying to look good on the outside always thinks that is what is most important even when it comes to selecting someone from the opposite gender. Hot women will date only: a) hot guys or b) rich guys or c) hot /rich guys.

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