My Sweetheart DLA


Librarian: Ushan, you have a gf right ?

Me: No

Librarian: You have had a gf right ?

Pause: Only two questions and I am feeling so awkward about where this conversation is going.

Me: Yes a few (‘a few’ – why on earth did I say that… i could have just answered ‘yes’)

Librarian: Ok… Cos you have to treat this machine like you would treat your gf(s)

Pause: Hmmm…. clearly, the fact that I am single at the moment would mean that i have not been treating my exs very well… but apparently this was obviously to the librarian.

So I would like to introduce my new gf…. Her name is Digital Librarian Assistant ( I call her ‘DLA’ for short)

Well, after a few days i released why the librarian said what she said. DLA costs S$20,000 <takes a deep breath> that’s how much I would have to pay if I break it. Therefore, ‘breaking‘ up with DLA is not an option for me at the moment (yeah, the last line is a lame joke but its quite funny right???)

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