Making decisions …..


For the last three months, I have been trying to decide between doing litigation or corporate work. After my last internship, I was 70% sure litigation was gonna be my thing. Firstly, I have the feeling I get when I am in a court room whether a open court or chambers. Second, the prestige that comes with a good litigator i.e. having S.C at the end of ur name can really raise ur ego. Thirdly, lawyers who are litigator live a more balance lifestyle cos the hours are not as crazy as corporate lawyers. Fourthly, you can help people in trouble (bono work) unlike in corporate work where you make MNCs richer. To sum it up, this career path is rewarding both mentally and monetary wise.

On the other side there is corporate work. Apparently, you can earn your first million by the time ur 35 years old. A five digit salary and six digit quarterly bonus is definitely tempting. Argh…. why do decisions have to be so difficult 🙂

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