Modelling Career takes off – Stage II: Gym


I woke up…. tried to get up but couldn’t feel my legs…. as if they decided that today they were gonna take the day off…. c’mon everyone deserves a holiday specially if you have been working for the last 22 years NON-STOP… anywayz…. since my legs refused to move I tried to grab the bar next to my bed to push myself up. Unfortunately, my arms couldn’t be stretched all the way… it was like they were in a cast (like the one you get when you break your arm). I felt as if I was paralysed … plus I was freaking late for work AGAIN….

Maybe its better to reverse to few days ago….. It was last Sunday…. just woke up after a horrible nightmare which suddenly made me decide to start gyming again… yeah thats right….. the 50 KG guy is gonna gym… true enough … even I had a laugh when this thought crossed my mind but I was determined…. this was the time…. Ok… most of the guys know that to start gyming you need a friend….. a guy who will accompany you, be your spotter, motivator and….. a guy who would distract the other gymers so they dn’t get a chance to laugh at your 50 KG body doing weights…. One guy came to my mind…. Akshamal (inside joke – trust me he can make a fool out of himself even without trying)

Right…. all set then… Monday after work…. Newbie mistakes … firstly, bad idea to wear a singlet… secondly, should have ate before I went…. Nvm…. decided that I am gonna start on smaller weights so went to a machine and set the machine to about 50 lbs… did 5-8 reps and took a break…. meanwhile… another skinny guy sat on the same machine put the weights to 200 lbs (max on machine) and on top of this added 100 lbs of free weights and did 12 reps (yeah I counted)….. Now… he knew I was staring at him (gymers are homophobic) but then again I couldn’t resist… how come a guy my size do that when I can’t even freaking lift the free weights off the machine to do my usual 50 Lbs. So I decided to ask him…. no harm right….. unfortunately he was an ass (like me) and when I asked him how he does it he bluntly and cruelly crushed (decimated) my ego by saying ‘cos I dn’t look like a HANGER’……. anyhow… apparently when I wear this singlet (or any clothes for that matter) it looks like its (clothes) been put out to dry on a HANGER (which btw is suppose be my body) So far… having a horrible first day and the next few days were just as bad but I was motivated and freaking pissed ….started doing heavier and heavier weights…. then today happened….

Back to Today: managed to call a friend who came down to help me get up from bed and had to take a taxi to work…. On the way to work I was thinking of stopping this… then I remembered what that random stranger said to me….. The mere thought of someone else saying that to me again makes my balls shrink…. NEVER…. NEVER shall I be called a HANGER again…. even if this means I have go through several mornings like this, countless hours of torture at the gym, watching the filthy smirks of the gymers (laughing at me) and eating 5 times a day…..

Random stranger…. I am as determined as I would ever be because of you…. you made me into this…. you are responsible ….. for that I am ever grateful…..

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