When competitiveness gets….


I love competition….. one reason I am doing this degree is cos I love the level the competition…. Nothing like studying with the top students from Singapore’s top JCs…. However, I think we must be able to draw the line between being competitive and ‘doing whatever it takes to get ahead’. Sometimes, this line becomes blur due to kind of circumstances we have to deal with: last Saturday was one such incident.

The six-a-side tournament; a really loong tradition held by the Sri Lankan community. This year, the organizers had it ealier than usual which gave us a lot less time to practice before the actual date of the tournament  (plus the hangover from the previous night didn’t help us either).

One of the seniors’ teams( they had won this tournament for the last eight years) have always done whatever it takes to win this tournament in the past and this Saturday was no different. From, bringing an alcohol bottle to the match to get the juniors drunk, screaming filth during the game, using their seniority to scare the juniors and umpires/referees … a list that goes on and on….. They insist this is in the spirit of sportsmanship….. Personally, their behavior is disgusting and unprofessional (specially since they are seniors – where most juniors look up towards)….. After, that tournament, I have lost all respect towards them…… Most (if not all) of them dn’t deserve the word ‘aiyya’ (a phrase used next to their names as a show of respect). This Saturday was proof of how pathetic their lives must be for them to consider this informal six-a-side tournament to be THE highlight of their academic year…..

P.s. However, there were a few memorable moments….. the one that sticks in my head is my catch of <censored> off my own balling…. that wicket was personal and I soooo feel surprisely good about it…..

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