Choices…. sometimes suck


Saturday nights should never be spent like this…. in front of the TV watching sports…. but then again this was no ordinary sport nor was this any ordinary Saturday night…. A Night like this would come once every 4 or 5 years and its always a great one.
Last night Usain Bolt, the Jamacian Sprinter broke the 100m record running it at 9.69secs. Officially, he is the fastest man in this WORLD. Just watching him finish just brought back fond memories from my childhood.
Before College, I was quite the athlete constantly taking part in school and inter-international sports events. 100m and Long Jump was my favorite areas, even though I did Triple jump and 200m if or when required. My 100m was good (maybe not under 10 secs) but then again on the national circuit I was definitely not taken lightly. Others would disagree but then there were so many who were jealous of my all-round talents (seriously – a genius inside the classroom & ‘Usain’ on the field – perfection right ???? yeah i thought so myself).
However, I knew I could never make it big…. I was good but not great…. not a Bolt (on land) or Phelps (in water). So I decided College and the law would be a better lifestyle choice than athletics. Until yesterday, I didn’t even for a second regret that choice….. but after seeing the 100m final…. that all changed…..
So, I am gonna leave all this academic stuff behind…. and go back to the track that I have missed so much…. Then, next Olympics, I am not only gonna break Usain Bolt’s 100m record but also break Phelps 8 golds (my golds being in the 100m,200m,400m, 4x100m,4x400m,Long jump,triple jump & javelin)

Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps…. you guys enjoy this Olympics since the next one is gonna be all about ME 🙂

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