I AM A NERD….. Sad yet true… Firstly, I would like to ‘finger off’ anyone who mistakes me for a dork or a gerk…. I AM NEITHER of them….

Yeah….yeah I have  been told so many times ‘But I dn’t know what the difference is…. why make such a fuss abt it???’

Ok let you enlighten all of you guys about it…..

A Nerd is a term often bearing a derogatory connotation or stereotype, that refers to a person who passionately pursues intellectual activities, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests that are age inappropriate rather than engaging in more social or popular activities.


Geek – Very knowledgeable of a specific topic (electronics, comic books, etc)
Nerd – Very knowledgeable across a wide variety of subjects (book smart)
Dork – socially awkward and not mutually exclusive of nerd/geek

How about some examples?

Linux dork: posts “open sources rules! Microsoft suxors!” messages regularly on his blog (and everywhere else, too).
Linux nerd: installs Linux and uses it.
Linux geek: fixes the bugs, sends bug fix patches to authors, patches appear in the next version. (That used to be me, right now I am only a   Apple user, not a developer just a die hard fan).

Fitness dork: wears lycra, but never breaks a sweat.
Fitness nerd: runs a 5K every now and then, and everybody within earshot hears about it. (That’s me – recall the posting on Gym sessions).
Fitness geek: turns down social events because they conflict with Sunday 8:00 am schedule.

Science dork: watches Star Trek and believes the physics is real
Science nerd: reads Scientific Magazines (That’s me – in my case would be the lastest edition of the Singapore Law Review).
Science geek: works in a lab

So, I hope this would help you guys to understand the differences….Nerds are by far the coolest from all of these categories as the examples do illustrate.

I didn’t always think I was a Nerd. However, reflecting back to my teenager years I should have seen the symptoms –  Playing strange and unusual sports (football and cricket for the people who are familar with these) or smoking strange and unusual stuff (weed and mushrooms)???  I was busy trying to figure out the conceptual difference between the Keynesian theory and Neo-Classical Theories on economics . Busy reading Jeffrey Archer or Harry Potter ???? I was juggling General Theory on Employment, Money and Interest and The Critique of Reason. Busy making out with your teenage lover??? I was in the nerd corner(solely occupied by me cos which freaking 13 year old uses a library) writing a thesis on the conceptual misapprehensions with the IS/IM model or a book called ‘Ushan Efficiency’ (a far superior model to Pareto efficiency – which never made it to the market since my teacher lost the only copy).

Even now…. my nerd tendency are abundantly clear…. whether its spending my whole day in the library or reading a textbook when I am taking a ‘break’ from studying… a deep philosophical discussion during lunch or skipping Friday night clubbing to go watch documentary on great historic statesmen. Most people would call my life ‘sad’, ‘miserable’, ’empty’ or ‘a nerd ville’…… Yet, I AM A PROUD NERD

What one great man told about our ‘species’:

…….what they lack in physical strength they make up in brain power. Who writes all the best selling books? Nerds. Who directs the top grossing movies? Nerds. Who creates the highly advanced technology that only they can understand? …Nerds. And who are the people who run for the high office of the Presidency? No one but nerds.

He was Martin Luther King or based on his speech just another ‘NERD’ 🙂

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