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Personality Assessment

You are a DIRECTOR / builder

You are a leader – an independent thinker who approaches problems with a rigorous, rational and systematic mind. And with your curiosity, persistence, irreverence and logic, you tend to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

You tend to be bold, assertive and hard working. You are good with details, particularly technical details, and you enjoy talking about your work with others.

You are highly loyal to friends and family. And you like to share the status and other perquisites your excellent work has bestowed on you with those who are close to you.

Although you are good with people and enjoy being part of a stable and secure social network, you easily spend time alone, pursuing your own projects and goals.

You tend to be protective and pragmatic. And your friends and family find you innovative and interesting to be with.

Your Major and Minor Personality Types
  • Your major personality type = Director
  • Your minor personality type = Builder

Explorer – 26%


Negotiator – 10%


Builder – 31%


Director – 34%

Category (a) or Category (b)


Firstly, I HATE numbers….. I can argue and even convince you that 1 + 1  ≠ 2 BUT give me a question where I have to add 1 and 1… now that’s a totally different ball game… numbers are my kryptonite, it makes me feel even just for a (mini)second…. human….

Anywaz, this post is gonna be about an interesting theory I came up with while I was ‘trying’ to do my finance questions;


Guys as a gender fall into two categories, category (a) or category (b). Of course, my theory has the assumption that at any given time there is no guy moving from one category to another (no ‘stuck in the middle’ scenarios).

Category (a)

These are the guys who follow the first commandment, Article 1 of the Code of the Brotherhood (Cap 89) – bros over ladies. Whether there are with their gfs,wives or just women they might/are/could be interested in – they would always make time for their bros irrespective of his needs. Conversations dn’t need to rotate around or involve women – For them, they dn’t need a women to make their life complete (p.s. – Category (a) guys have a perfectly straight sexual preference)

Category (b)

Every single one of us knows a guy who falls into this category. The guy who can go into a public place filled with people (hundreds or even thousands) and is able to instantly spot all (only) the women. The best way to explain this is…… imagine you were a ghost…. you can see and communicate with only other ghost, everyone else (humans, demons etc) exist BUT is of no relevance to you…

These guys in category (b) are like these ghosts… for them only women matter… everything else is of no relevance. Other guys, animals or things (cumulatively called ‘objects’) only become relevant to fulfill the ultimate goal of communicating to women.

Let me illustrate this with a diagram:

  • The axis represents bros (Y axis) and girls (Y axis).
  • The number of girls and bros increase as we move horizontally and vertically in the graph.
  • Equilibrium is a 45 degree line with the ratio of girls to bros remain constant.
  • X and Y points are the points where the number of bros and girls associated by category (a) and category (b) are identical – perk point

The best way to explain this is to take an example:

A total Stranger’s House Party

Behaviorial characteristics of category (b) guys

He would enter the party and first thing he does is observe the guy to girl ratio. Since he can see all the girls in that apartment instantly, his ratio is close to only 6 sigma in error (99.999997% accurate). Then, he uses ‘objects’ such as other guys in other to reach his ultimate goal (which can range from communicating to few/all of the girls to sleeping with a few/all of them). This is why, the curve (in brown) jumps up at the initial stage.

The reason why he does not talk to women first is because category (b) guys are constantly with a guilty conscious, they rarely envisage any good when they initiate a conversation with a women. This prevents them from directly confront women at a early stage.

Finally, this guy would reach ‘perk point’ where he would have communicated with sufficient women that he no longer needs ‘objects’. Therefore, the curve becomes linear (constant rate), it does not go down because once this guy has communicated with someone – ‘object’, he can’t really prevent that ‘object’ from talking to you later that same evening (hence, remaining ‘temporary’ bros for the evening). Therefore, normally, one-third of the initial ‘objects would remain at this constant rate while the number of girls he communicates with increases rapidly.

Behaviorial characteristics of category (a) guys

He would enter the party and would feel more relaxed as he has no ulterior motives…. JUST HAVE FUN…. this ‘laid back’ attitude enables him to be more comfortable and ‘smooth’ among the ladies. This is why this curve is inversely proportionate to category (b) curve at the initial stage. Till, one reaches ‘perk point’, after which there is a gradual reduction is the girls:guys ratio as he meets more bros. Given the assumption that he follows the first commandment of Code – the ratio must logically reduce. However, one must note that his curve does not touch the Y axis at any given point. Therefore, even without trying he does maintain a certain number of girl.

Post – 3 mints


Note to World;

  1. I made it back alive
  2. I can’t feel my legs due to the 30 grams of Counterpain (the numbness is keeping me from cutting off my legs, which I considered numerous times)
  3. Sea water can’t be substituted for drinking water – my throat is living proof for the consequences of that
  4. The sunrise is the second most beautiful thing you can see with your eyes (the first being …..)
  5. I love dogs ….. and I wanna dog right NOW…
  6. If there is a God – thanks for making me get through the last day alive without any permanent scars like a broken body part or death

You Know What’s Wrong With This World ???


You know whats wrong with this world …. People think they can always do better….. you can try but it’s never worth all the sacrifices you have to make to get there…..

Why???? Cos this World cares only about WINNERS…

Yeah, we get to hear about all the forbes millionaires who made it big because they wanted to do better than what was been done… but for every millionaire that makes it there are another million joes who dn’t. We never hear their stories…. the guy who drops out of the college so he can start his own fashion line, the girl who wants to ‘make it in Hollywood’ who starts off in adult pornography till she gets her big break in Hollywood scene or the teenage band, kids who skips school so they can practice in their grandma’s garage.

These are all stories no one gets to hear…. why because this world rarely gives a shit about losers…. people who try their best but dn’t have what it takes to make it are put into the same cauldron as people who dn’t even try. In this World, they are winners on one side and ‘others’ on the other side (see even that side has ‘other’ in front of it)  We have created a world were only winners are looked up upon and losers are JUST LOSERS… no one cares no one gives a shit…..

Its sad yet true

3 Mints


This posting was written 3 mints before I set off for a journey I may not come back from…. Sorry, I can’t let u guys on it till (condition- if) I get b

If I die tonight, I would like to state these things for the record;

1. I have always been a faithful friend, lover, sibling and child

2. I tried my best in all my endeavors … studies, relationships etc….

3. Mom,dad and grandma – Sorry for not been a good child but hopefully I made u guys proud…

4. Sorry for not caring…. I am an a%^ and ‘tried’ my best to change

5. Had faith there is No God since the way I have pissed him/her off the last few years – confirm I am going to hell TONIGHT (assumption – that I die tonight)

6. Finally, I am happy (content) on how my life has gone so far and tonight I will die (hope not) a happy 22 year old 🙂

Cheers World…….