– Confusion –


So much confusion around me
I feel like im caught in a web
theres so much betrayal, so much hate
but still theres love lying deep within-beneath it all

I don’t know what to feel-how to feel
im being pulled by all sides
i feel like a puppet
only standing straight by the threads that bind me to them

will i fall apart if i let go of these threads?
what if they do before i do?
will i still stand strong- still hold on
or give in to these feelings

feelings i don’t have a right to
because i didn’t bring this upon myself
i found myself in the midst of all this
in the midst of something i don’t want to be involved in
in the midst of something beyond my control

am i to succumb to these feelings caving in on me
or am i to move on
will i regret my actions? will i hurt another?
its like being blind in a world of darkness
like looking at my reflection on the mirror
knowing theres no way out

why am i being misunderstood?
why will i be misunderstood?
what have i done to be misunderstood?

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