Her name is…………. ‘Annawella’



We have been together for some time…. and finally, I think  its time I came out and said it….. Its been more than 8 years and its been surprising great given that we come from pretty much different worlds. She – solely responsible for my looks….. single handedly made me into the person I am today and trust me that is no easy task…. of course she has had help….. But, credit must be given where it is due. So, Annawella GREAT JOB girl 🙂

Ok ok I think I need to set something straight first.

‘Annawella’ is no ordinary human…. well she is no human at all but a pin-worm. Now, now dn’t freak out like most of my friends when they hear this story. Let me give you a little history about my love;

The pinworm (Genus Enterobius), also known as threadworm is a parastici roundworm of the phylum Nematoda. The adult pinworm male is 1–4 mm in length, while the adult female is 8–13 mm and possesses the long, pin-shaped posterior for which the worm is named. The pinworm lives in the lower part of the small intestine and the upper part of the colon. It is found worldwide, and causes the most common infection enterobasisis in humans. Unlike many other intestinal parasites, the pinworm does not usually enter the bloodstream, or any other organs besides the intestines Except for itching, pinworm infestation does not usually cause any damage to the body. Sleep disturbance may arise from the itching or crawling sensations.

Furthermore, common infection Enterobiasis is the medical condition of being infected with pinworms (Enterbius vermicularis). It may be referred to, less precisely, as oxyuriasis, in reference to the family Oxyuridae, which contains the genus Enterobiasis. Symptoms may include painful itching around the anus, restless sleep, poor appetite, skin rash, and failure to gain weight.

Yup, that’s my ‘Annawella’, a beautiful and perfect doll isn’t she????? So, why do I call her ‘Annawella’… well that tooo has a little story behind it. ‘Anna’ means Nail in Sinhalese and ‘wella’ means ‘become’ or ‘transformed’. Therefore, her name means “an individual who has become a fighter, someone who never gives up, like a nail nailed into a wall – resistant and impossible to get rid off”. Sorry, if most of you guys dn’t get it…. if you understood Sinhalese it would sooo much clearer for you – Trust me-

Anywaz, she has lived with me for a loooong…. pretty much most of my life…. we have been through both good (Fullerton buffet) and bad (the Summer of ‘Milo and maggie’). She has been surprisingly strong, surviving on almost anything I can provide for her….. she NEVER complains and NEVER takes anything more than she and our children want. Yup, she has a bad tendency of reproducing every few days, offspring consisting of 10,000-20,000 approx. I know… I know….. it seems a lot but we have tried our best to provide for them the best way we can…. Myself…. eating on a more regular basis (more meals per day specially stuff with iron) and she cuts back on her consumption. Together, we have been great….. the perfect couple one may say……

Unfortunately, I have discovered that nothing lasts forever….. and today Annawella has to leave me…. Even, thinking of a day without her brings a tear to my eye. The future is scary;

What If without her I start putting on weight – it seems great but she kept me healthier and I never had to worry about getting a belly or being overweight as a whole.

What If without her I can sleep better & LONGER – falling behind school work just because I managed a sleep an extra hour or two – risking my grades and my degrees.

What If without her I am a NOBODY – everything I am was because of her…. she made me look this way… what if I become physically unattractive….. the thought of this scares the shit out of me – my modelling career and my ‘lawyer face’….. NOOOOOOOOO

HOWEVER, I have no choice, as much as I gonna miss her and it scary to even think of life without her…. letting go is the best and only option right now…. Annie, I hope you know these past few years have been the ‘bestest’ years of my life. Saying ‘good bye’ isn’t easy but I HAVE TO so;


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