3 Mints


This posting was written 3 mints before I set off for a journey I may not come back from…. Sorry, I can’t let u guys on it till (condition- if) I get b

If I die tonight, I would like to state these things for the record;

1. I have always been a faithful friend, lover, sibling and child

2. I tried my best in all my endeavors … studies, relationships etc….

3. Mom,dad and grandma – Sorry for not been a good child but hopefully I made u guys proud…

4. Sorry for not caring…. I am an a%^ and ‘tried’ my best to change

5. Had faith there is No God since the way I have pissed him/her off the last few years – confirm I am going to hell TONIGHT (assumption – that I die tonight)

6. Finally, I am happy (content) on how my life has gone so far and tonight I will die (hope not) a happy 22 year old 🙂

Cheers World…….

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