Personality Assessment


You are a DIRECTOR / builder

You are a leader – an independent thinker who approaches problems with a rigorous, rational and systematic mind. And with your curiosity, persistence, irreverence and logic, you tend to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

You tend to be bold, assertive and hard working. You are good with details, particularly technical details, and you enjoy talking about your work with others.

You are highly loyal to friends and family. And you like to share the status and other perquisites your excellent work has bestowed on you with those who are close to you.

Although you are good with people and enjoy being part of a stable and secure social network, you easily spend time alone, pursuing your own projects and goals.

You tend to be protective and pragmatic. And your friends and family find you innovative and interesting to be with.

Your Major and Minor Personality Types
  • Your major personality type = Director
  • Your minor personality type = Builder

Explorer – 26%


Negotiator – 10%


Builder – 31%


Director – 34%

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