What I really NEED…..


I need to get away…. At some point in everyone’s life, they just wanna be alone… get away from everyone and everything…. leaving behind the stress and problems that life brings…. I found the perfect getaway plan…..

I am gonna get a Private Jet –

Yeah… yeah…. So I am not that rich YET…. But apparently, you need to order these babies at a least a year in advance. Maybe, a year won’t be sufficient for me to get enough money to buy a Citation X (which is my dream jet). But, I am gonna try….. I emailed Cessna (the company that makes this jet) and they said I can initially charter the plane and later purchase it when I have sufficient money – sounds like a great plane. It cost US$ 20,670,000 (charter its close to US$40,000 per month and operating costs are cost per mile US$6.47 and cost per hour US$3,036). Yeah, this would mean that I am gonna give up on the Lamborghini since that would be too much on my finances even for a big shot corporate M&A lawyer.

Oh, btw, its the fastest private jet currently in the market but that’s not why I love this baby. This plane is gonna help to get away whenever I want…… I just wanna leave everything behind and get high high up into the sky and reflect on things that have come to pass in my life and what my future holds…..

I know the below pics have 8 seats ….. Cessna already assured me that I can have the interior custom made so all the seats are gonna go. Maybe, I will just leave one seat and a big bed….

I am trying to convince them to add a sun roof so I can lie down at night on my comfy bed watching the stars as I cruise at over 43,000 feet above sea level….. NOW that’s a getaway……

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