An element god put in all of us to remind us that end of day we are all human…… Everyone has a weakness(es) irrespective of whether we know of it or not…. To think we are perfect and have no imperfection might itself be ones own weakness…. So after much thought I have just realized my weakness.

It makes me a nice person even for that split second (a drastic shift from my normally portrayed character)…. It makes me care about something besides myself (to be physically attached to something – which I try not to do)…. It makes me shed a tear (in violation of article 77 of the Code of the Brotherhood)…. It distracts me from my studies (trust me so far NOTHING has ever achieved to do that)…..

In other words…… it lowers this solid shield I have built around myself…. It makes me feel vulnerable….  as vulnerable and fragile as it is possible to be. I feel like I am shredded to the core. ….. at a point where I am stripped bare naked. Even, the smallest insignificant thing can spear right through me leaving a scar, which even time cannot heal……. Yet….. I dn’t get rid of it since its the only time in my life when I feel human ….. to know what it feels like to live……..

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