What Dreams ain’t made of…..


Imagine : Your whole life…. you were told there is a God… you heard it so many times that you started to believe it and relied on it and based your actions on this. The only thing that makes go get through the day is that ‘hope’ or ‘faith’ that someone day you would be rewarded for your actions….

For him college was like that…. his father use to tell him that all he had to do was get through school with flying colors and his college education would be ‘taken care of’…. The only reason he worked so hard in school was because he knew some day he would be able to go to college in the US and it would be fun and exciting to know what it feels like to be a student and a teenager (something he has never felt his whole life) – not to worry about your next meal, rent or ‘grown up’ stuff…. for 5 years he hung on to this ‘hope’ and all it took was 2 secs for his father to bring it to an end.

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