Pure Bloods


Ah…. 6 generations of pure breeds…. From the time I can remember, my grandparents use to tell me the heroic achievements of my great ancestors. The Hewages have a long history of serving our nation. Hewage Ï was part of the great Kandian army serving the then King in the province of Puvakpitiya. Apparently, he started off as an ordinary soldier working himself through the ranks until he was finally appointed as chief constable for that province. Unfortunately, he died serving his country leaving his legacy in the hands of his two children.

His second son, Hewage II was trained to be a scholar since he was 5 years old. His whole life was spent at the Anuradapura Monastery among the brightest minds in the country. This was only done because the British rampaged from province to province killing all loyal servants to the King including their families (where he lost his whole family including his only brother). Hewage II was never able to realize his full potential as Academics was a forbidden lifestyle during that chapter of British rule and his brilliance was confined within the walls of the monastery. But the literature he wrote is still been used even after hundreds of years.

Hewage III, the second son of the first son of Hewage II, was an evolutionist…. Seeing his father murdered and burnt in public left him with scars that only revenge could heal. He was part of civil rights movement that bought independence to Sri Lanka. A career path, which like generations before him lead to his early death.

Hewage IV, my grandfather, was a pacifist by birth. Man who believed that kindness and compassion can heal this damaged world. A traditional medicine doctor by training – he dedicated his whole life towards helping the weak and helpless. He opened up several free clinics during a time in Sri Lanka when medicine was anything but widely available or affordable. He funded these clinics through the gem mines that he inherited from his great grandfather Hewage I, which were passed down from generation to generation. I can remember that even his final moments in this world was spent on helping a severely ill patient.

Hewage V, my father, a man who believed that ‘country first everything else can wait’. He was my role model growing up, the dedication and courage he showed to straighten up the corrupt bureaucracy in Sri Lankan was profound. This was a time in our country when bribes and crimes were becoming a social norm. For 22 years, he has fought this losing battle with the hope that someday his children can live in country worth calling the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’.

Hewage VI, that’s me. I know that to measure up to the Hewages before me would be near to impossible…. but hey with an untainted blood line like this I know I was born to do great things 🙂

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