Mere Existence


Why do we do it…. why get up every time we fall… why keep fighting…maybe we are fighting for something more than our mere survival … Please tell me what it is .. do we even know ???

Is it freedom or truth or perhaps peace or could it be for love…Yet, these are all illusions, vagaries of perception, temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperate to justify an existence without meaning or purpose … all of them are artificial as the world we live in …. Yet…. we still do it ??? Why… why…..

On the brigther side… I discovered that my computer actually loves me… yeah I know…. how can a machine speak of love… for it is a human emotion… But No…. think about it…. love is merely a word … What matters is the connection the word implies…So when someone or something expresses love… it is an attempt or reassurance to let the other person know what they would give to hold on to that connection.

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