Symptoms of Nerdhood


You know you’re a ‘first class’ nerd when:

  1. You have a textbook next to your bed, which you read a chapter everyday before going to sleep.
  2. The last time you had an orgasm was while reading the book General theory of Interest Employment and Money
  3. You enjoy Studying – Like really full-heartily enjoy it –
  4. Spending more than 10 hours in the library is a norm not an exception
  5. After a great night out clubbing/pubbing, you come back drunk yet manage to study a few more hours before going to sleep
  6. Make excuses to skip a party, date with ur gf or even free booze to finish a research paper only due in a month’s time.
  7. Your ipod’s top most played songs are finance and macroeconomics lecture recordings.
  8. Dreams are merely another technique to revise your work….
  9. Get piss drunk and have an intellectual discussion on Tax Reform and Market Derivatives

Diagnosis – ‘A nerd’

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