Amendments to the Code of the Brotherhood (CAP 89, 2008 Rev.Ed.).


Changes made:

1. Amendments to:

Article 3: Chick Availability

Added Subsection 1(d) “As a half sister she would receive all rights and privileges of being off
limits to a bro”


  • The amendment was made to align the provision with Modern Social Trends. The increasing divorce rates and marriages with partners with children from previous marriages have left majority of the families with step-brothers and sisters. Therefore, since subsection 1(c) applies only to bloodline sisters, section 1(d) would help address this lacuna in the law.

Article 77: Tear Rule

Added Section 2(2) ‘In the event that he does, he must under no circumstance admit it to
anyone other than a girl he is trying to score with.’


  • We have observed that some bros play the sensitive card due to the myth held by certain chicks that guys who are emotional are better partners. This has resulted in many guys using this card for their advantage. Therefore, to be in accordance with overall obligation of all bros i.e. to help another bro score we have added this exception to the tear rule.

Article 5: Pets

Added Section 2 “(2) If a Bro gets a dog,
a. it must be at least as tall as his knee when full‐grow and,
b. must at all times be dressed with only his/her birthday clothes.”


  • The stand about owning a cat still remains. Furthermore, it has been observed that bros have been getting ‘cute dogs’ as strategy to score with chicks. However, this has resulted in the sacred place of dogs been shifted from ‘man’s best friend’ to ‘a bro’s wingman’ demeaning the title of ‘wingman’ (reserved for ‘bros only’). Therefore, to prevent this, all dogs owned by Bros must be taller than their knees (taking ‘cute dogs’ out of the equation). Furthermore, dogs shouldn’t have any clothes on them (this is just GAY)

2. New Provisions added:

Below mentioned are all the new provisions (some important ones are explained)

ARTICLE 22: Sworn Secrecy

ARTICLE 23: Wingman Rule 1

ARTICLE 24: Wingman Rule 2

ARTICLE 25: Boundaries on Girlfriend Conversation

  • Bros are only mortal and like all mortals, we fall into temptation. Commenting on another’s bro gf’s looks maybe the starting point heading to the violation of Article 3.

ARTICLE 28: Tattoo

ARTICLE 29: Cell Phone Positioning

ARTICLE 30: Shirts-Off

ARTICLE 31: Handbags

  • Bros can do anything to be ‘sweet’ to their gfs or chicks they intend to score with. However, certain acts would question a bros’ manhood itself. Carrying a handbag is a clear example. Two kinds of people carry handbags i.e. women and gays PERIOD.


ARTICLE 33: Moving Grounds

ARTICLE 54: Dump a chick

ARTICLE 66: Relationship Breakups

ARTICLE 70: Alcohol/Drug Overdose Violation

ARTICLE 71: Bro party Rule 1

  • This rule is to prevent nonalcoholic bros who come to parties and finishing the soft drinks and chips. Now, at least if they are gonna do so, the other bros would be too piss drunk (due to the extra alcohol) to get angry.

ARTICLE 72: Bro Outgoings

ARTICLE 73: Language Requirements

ARTICLE 74: Hot Chick Streak

ARTICLE 76: Unhotness

  • Unfortunately, when it comes to scoring with a chick, a bro’s head stops thinking due to sudden change of blood circulation. This is why another bro must intervene to prevent  one of his bros waking up next to a ‘mistake’.

ARTICLE 86: Comfort Zone Restrictions

ARTICLE 88: Greeting a Bro

The rationales for the other new articles can be obtained via request – email or post.

3. Changes to Outlay

  • The first page gives the history of the Code:
    • BASIC VERSIONS    Act 1 of 04/09/2008
      AMENDED BY        Act 4 of 22/10/2008
    • This shows firstly when the basic version was enacted on paper. Secondly, when the amendments were done.
  • The Code itself has dates [22/10/08] at the end of particular articles. This shows when that particular Article was enacted or amended. Therefore, anyone can go back to the particular amendment Act (i.e Act 4 in this version) and check the rationale for this new Article or the amendments to the Article in question.

Thats all I would like leave you guys with the same statement as before:

I hope this Code would provide moral authority to your actions and strength the brotherhood.


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