“Shit”……Not again… Its almost 7.30pm and as usual, I didn’t keep track of time . I promised (she made me swear) that this time it would be different. I had to yell at Adam to fly me back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it was just in vain. Now, I am rushing through the city trying desperately to at least show up. Liz and Shuan would have been there by now…. It was always me, whether its a family dinner, a birthday or just a family outing. Sometimes, its surprising how much of Kristine’s and Shuan’s life I have missed.

God has definitely blessed me to have Liz in my life, sometimes I wonder what I would have done without her, not only can she manage her work, she still has time pick the kids from skol and rush home to prepare dinner. Most women would never be able to understand my life (and I dn’t expect most to either), yet Liz has been surprisingly been supportive. For 8 years now, she had not only been tolerant but has on countless times explained to the kids why their dad can’t be there. Sometimes, I feel i have been a bad husband or worst a bad father.

Exhausted….. finally, i get to the Hall only to see the audience giving a standing ovation. Through the applauding audience, I managed to grab a glimpse of Kristine on stage…. She looked beautiful… It must have been great tooo. Argh…I missed this too… Now, standing there all I had was the picture (of me, Liz and Shuan seated at the first row looking at performance) which Kristine drew the moment her mom told her I would be coming for this one……So sorry……

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