The Real McCain


America made history today by voting for the right candidate for all the wrong reasons…… Obama’s charisma can easily overwhelm total strangers to fall in love with him. Forget his qualifications, forget his history, forget his experience… forget them all. One thing, Obama (a lawyer by training) can do is to charismatically convince (rather persuade) Americans to think his way (persuading Americans ain’t that difficult given their average IQ). When you don’t have real hard facts with you… what would you do??…. Just play the ‘hope’ and ‘Yes we can’ cards to a country that is still majority Christians and believes in faith and hope – Apparently it can work-

Obama won not because he was the better candidate… he won cos he played better politics … if you equate the two then you are just as well lost to politics as politicians are. By far he had the better organized campaign… How could he not… his campaign expenditure was accumulative more than the Gross Domestic Product of certain Asian and African economies.

On a bitter note, what i cannot stand is the people who were never involved but feel as if they were important to him getting elected (mainly individuals from the Asian Continent, a region most Americans dn’t even know exist).. of course they might have followed his campaign i.e. watch it on youtube, CNN or Fox. Did they donate any money, did they blog about his policies (Blogging: Go obama doesn’t count), did they volunteer? Most if not all would say no…. Why do they still change their FB status (more than 50% of my friends did this) to congratulate him or why cheer him on? I think its what him been elected president represents? Hope… that things would change….and people wanting to be part of history… that minorities can make it…. to feel important even for a second in a meaningless existence.

Can one man make the difference… maybe he can.However, given the US Separation of Powers doctrine, which is the basis of their political system. I would think he would be too weak without support in the Senate and House of Representatives  to bring any real change on domestic issues…. On foreign issues, he would have greater power but then again foreign policy is his greatest weakest.

Anywaz, during the concession speech I saw today the real McCain, the one who has served Amercia with all his life… not many 72 year olds can stand a 2 year Political Campaign like this….. During his speech, I saw a McCain that if he had been around during the actual campaign could have easily turned the tables around. Rather than the republican driven aggressive McCain who was all mud swinging and on defensive mode the whole campaign.

Outsiders like ourselves would obviosuly support Obama cos we do not know what it is like to serve our country in War. When we face a war we immigrant to better lands and hope to never to go back. Have we lost our loved ones to war?? What have we lost??? We are but cowards blinded by lack of patriotism and self-interest. Hence, we can never see or understand the real McCain and we ignorantly choose Obama without knowing what the other side of coin really hold. Only a real patriot can understand why McCain deserves the respect and chance to lead a country which he has served and sacrificed for more half a century both military and politically.

I Leave you with a small quota from his speech (which was much more heart warming than Obama’s 106 year old black women – standard race and hope card played by him as usual):

Today, I was a candidate for the highest office in the country I love so much. And tonight, I remain her servant. That is blessing enough for anyone……

McCain 2008

Full speech available at

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