Home Schooled…..



Why is it that we always like to think about all the good in people? I know its better to be an optimistic than pessimistic. But, when truth is glaring at you in the face why turn a blind eye….. Maybe, we react to people in a way that assures us that others in return would look at us in a favorable light as well.


Keeping a relationship professional is never easy irrespective of what kind of relationship it is. I think its important to draw boundaries… what and what nots to do. After, that its about keeping to the rules. Just like the law, if you break these self-imposed rules then you are morally culpable and deserve the consequences it brings.

I know my boundaries. I can make a decision and stand by it irrespective of what happens… Stubborn & Stupid? Maybe but at least I can sleep better at night.


I burnt them…. at least I tried and finally had to get someone else to do it. I threw them once, torn them once, kept them with a friend once, took my mind off them once. None of them worked…. burning was the only option.


I won the lottery and spent the money to apply to Harvard to my J.D. WTF… my nerdhood is spreading.

Double faced

Your best friend says the most surprising things about you behind your back. You think everything is fine and both of you are the Bestest Buddies. But I know and it makes me laugh every-time I see both of you act like everything is soooo fine… if only you knew what I know…..

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