Real Sacrifice


The greatest sacrifices are the ones you never expect anything in return

The trouble I have seen with parents is their inherent weakness of expecting something back in return for all the time and effort they have put in raising their children. How often do you come across parents who give everything they have and expect nothing in return from their children. Its the obvious connection they have with their children – love – blinds us all.

Their expectations are concealed under the cloak of ‘best interests’ for their child. A card used by most parents in order to achieve their own expectations or dreams via their children. This may be harsh…. But in reality, children are merely an investment made by parents in order to achieve some return in the future. Majority of the parents would not even see that their expectations are really killing their child’s dreams and hopes because these parents are blinded by parental love (rationalizing their expectations as ‘best interests for their child’).

Why don’t children stand up and say ‘No’? It is merely social norms at work. Children are constantly made to feel guilty of their parents’ sacrifices. Hence, ‘I Owe Them’ is always at the back of their head…. preventing most of them from going against their parents’ expectations. Parents celebrate when their children excel…. they are first to tell their neighbors… when their child fails….. I rarely hear Parents telling their neighbors how their drug addict son is doing time in prison or their O/L failed daughter is working as a prostitute. One may say its because it makes their children look bad…. yeah but that is taking a parent’s view point on what is good and what is bad…. what if their son enjoys doing drugs and their daughter wanted to be a prostitute. Why can’t parents be happy with what their children have become…. Just because mom gave up her dream on being an air stewardess to raise her 2 children and dad couldn’t get his lamborghini  since he had to save for their children’s college education does mean their daughter must be air stewardess and their son a lawyer….

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