Please ‘grow up’


Ok…. this is something that has annoyed me for some time so I am gonna take a few minutes off my mugging to blog about….

Teenagers….. wtf is wrong with this new generation of teenagers….. Specifically, when it comes to relationships and expressing their feelings. I see so many ‘in a relationship with XXXX’ or ‘its complicated’…. Actually, that I can’t handle it anymore… What annoys me is the ‘I love u Po’, ‘I miss U, <<kiss>>’ and ‘is lovin U for ever and ever’….. serious ??? I can understand this from couples who has been going out for a year or something but the third date or 2 week anniversary isn’t the most appropriate time to change your status to this. Normally this is how it goes

Stage 1: Change of status to something like ‘had fun’, ‘brilliant day’ etc… a message that hints to the other person that the time spent together on that particular day was special

Stage 2: ‘Love’ status updates frequency of change 20 hours or less…. refer above for examples

Stage 3: Photos of the couple on fb…..

Stage 4: Couple pic on fb profile pic and random friends commenting on how good both of them look together….. Yes… 16 year old nubbies…. looking good together in a photo is the secret of a looooong lasting relationship…. zzzzzz….

Stage 5: Rubber Stamp – it all goes down this way…… first…. someone feels bad…. moody status updates, followed by relationship status changed to complicated and finally ‘single’

Stage 6: clean up – all the pics of the couple on FB goes out and then go to another ‘love relationship’……..

Seriously, if you re a teenager…. dn’t waste your time on stupid useless shit like this…. Play a sport, study hard and experience new adventures (dating random women or sleeping around is NOT adventure). Being in a relationship is NOT part of what its like to be a teenager. Teenagers are meant to be carefree, irresponsible and out to conquer the world… You dn’t need a relationship to pull you down. Honestly, relationships prevent you from fully living the life of a teenager.

Remember women and all the heavy luggage that comes with them need only complicate your life when your older and mature. Word of Advice – PATIENCE, wait for the right time and the right person which is usually in your mid/late 20s….. Love is worth the loooooong restless wait – TRUST ME 🙂

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