Going Home, Christmas and Intelligence


Its been some time…… I have been really busy with my exchange stuff, which is almost done but then again until I land in Hungary I dn’t think this work is gonna really finish.

So I went home at last a few weeks ago. When I mean home, I dn’t mean where I was born but rather where I feel the most safe and comfort, where I am happy and feel so free… yeah for me that’s Raffles Place. I went down to get the visa application stuff done and I got that feeling I have missed so much.I just can’t wait to get out of college and start working there…. 19 more months….

Intelligence, the capacity to deal flexibly and effectively with practical and theoretical problems. Something that college is responsible to build and develop in students. The exams are suppose to provide a good gauge of ones intelligence and rank students accordingly. However, I just feel the exams over here and just not doing that. I know…. the people who raise this argument are the ones who dn’t do good at exams. Even though I don’t fall into this category and actually do quite well in exams, I do believe we need to reevaluate our examination process.

Finally, Christmas in Singapore = Orchard Road decorations. That’s the best Singapore has to offer for Christmas. So we headed out last Friday and definitely it was worth the visit. Some picture are below for everyone’s viewing pleasure.




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