Birthday Revelations


Give a dog a bad name and hang him

A philosophy that makes life easier to understand. When we have a few bad experiences after some time we stereotype those experiences resulting in certain standard results and hence avoiding such experience.For me, getting close to people was such a sterotyped experience only resulting in one thing.

On 6th January 2009, I discovered how wrong I have been about this aspect of life. Pre-6/1/09, one of my core beliefs was that it is never wise tolet people get close to me as it only leads to more bad than good. A stereotypical conclusion, I had drawn from all the bad experiences. When all seemed lost, 6/1/09 changed everything. I experienced something I have NEVER felt before. the sincerity and warmth of those individuals gave me a glimpse of what unconditional love maybe like.

So pro-6/1/09, I am a changed person….. I have faith that there are people worth having in my life….. individuals worth sharing every thought, word and deed. I have been misfortunate so far but as I was slipping on a cold martini watching the sunset at Sentosa, I decided that post-6/1/09 was gonna be a new chapter in my life and now I know there are certain individuals I would want to be there with me……

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