Wake up and feel the difference


Arrogant and condescending

Yeah, that’s what a majority of individuals would describe me as. I am absolutely fine with that description. Honestly, I would consider myself arrogant and condescending.

I suppose my purpose for writing this post is this: I acknowledge to the world that I am condescending and arrogant. But I don’t care and for the people who know me please dn’t tell me this as a negative characteristic I need to change.

I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that I assume everyone shares, and so I often spill the irrelevant yet unique details of things that I have learned to anyone who will listen and find that no one finds it as fascinating as I do. I have been known to rant on many-a-subject that I have recently been devouring information on. And I am used to the typical, “Yeah, I don’t care” or “Really, I didn’t see it that way” response, and it is a response I can respect. But I have decided I am not apologizing for my behavior, because I’ll bet someone may get as excited as me about it, and it will improve their life and general knowledge just a little bit.

While I encourage curiosity, I hold no grudge against those who would rather not expand their horizons. I may feel a little sad at their loss, and this may come off as pity or condescension, but so be it.

Mostly, though, when it comes to knowledge, I encourage everyone to not be afraid of the response “I don’t know,” to any question posed. I have said it many times all over this place, and have asked for information on things that I do not know. While I may regurgitate information, I also ingest it. I actively seek it out. I become excited when I find a topic I have not explored, especially in the ‘grey areas’, where there tend to be very polarized opinions that give me very interesting insights to these unsettled topics.

All in all– I am young. I am naive. I am arrogant, and I am stupid. Stupid, because I still think that I am invincible. That I can go out and conquer the world with what I know. That I can change it. That everyone is worth meeting, and that everyone has a new perspective to share.

One day, when I’m older, I may grow bitter. But today I am content to remain arrogant and stupid. Because I am still better and smarter than you.

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