Airport Hiccups and First Thoughts


I was never a believer in love at first sight till I landed in Europe. Its beauty does not lie at the eiffel tower or other tourist attractions, which we come across on the web. But rather, the people, the culture and the weather fused together creates a dimension of life, which is just awe-inspiring.

One of my aims in traveling to Europe was to see if it was a place I would consider settling down in. And after I walked out of the airport in Budapest, all it took was 2 seconds to confirm what I have always had a hunch on…..

The flight:

Horrible….. Horrible and just plain Horrible…. So many Hiccups that I thought I would never get here.

It all started when my luggage was 30.4 kgs, 10 kgs over the limit. Turkish Airlines made a hugh scene about it till I was forced to open my suitcase and in the middle of Changi Airport to remove some stuff… Thanks to manoj and chimpy, it was alot less embarrassing than I expected. This process took longer than expected forcing me to run to the boarding lounge as soon as I checked in my luggage.

Remember: C18 not C21… who knew I would make such a stupid mistake…. I went through the security checks (a process which takes more than 20 mints) and then finally at the boarding lounge was informed that I was at the wrong gate…. Finally, the guard pointed me towards gate C18 ( which was blinking saying ‘Gate closing’)… In a state of panic I ran back pass the security check (pissing off the guards) but fortunately they didn’t complain as I didn’t hear any gun shots… its all well 🙂

Finally, had a seat at the window seat that I requested. Good ??? NO….. Window is horrible for a 15 hour flight in the night…. There is no freaking room to sleep and the hugh 110 Kg guy next to me didn’t provide any extra space either….

Istanbul – Turkey

So I landed in Istanbul at 5.30am, annoyed and sleep deprived… Ok fine at least I can sleep in the transit lounge… right??? Nope…. thats a ‘privilege’ only for business/First class and Frequent Flyer card holders …..Oh well maybe then I can watch the TV shows Dinidu copied to my harddisk while I wait 6 hours for my next flight…. No again… interest access or power points are rarer than lebanese in Turkey….

So to keep myself entertained I sat in a bench and looked at people walking by. For 5 hours, I was staring at strangers till my flight was announced…. For the record, Turkey does have some of the prettiest women I have ever seen….

Ok, finally I am 2 hours away from my destination…. Took down my Gate number (310) so I won’t mess that up again…. After I arrived there…. Discovered that Turkish Airlines has decided to change it last moment …. Again in a state of panic I ran towards Gate 209…. panting like a dog… I arrived 10 mints before the gates closed….

2 horrible hours later

I arrived in Budapest, sleep deprived and freaking pissed off for the last 24 hours only to be delayed and questioned at Immigrations. I guess not many brown men come to Hungary with Sri Lankan passports…. Honestly, they were shocked and the fact that they can’t speak English didn’t help me to explain that I am actually here on student exchange… Finally, I was cleared after 30 mints of sign language and whole lot of documents thrown around…. I came out of the airport so freaking agitated that I would killed then next person who I spoke to….

A Silver Line

Then I met my buddy outside the airport and just like that the last 24 hours was gone…. That’s why I said before that the people, culture and weather can really make you forget all your worries making Europe of the most beautiful places in the World….

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