Seeking Flats and Getting Lost


Oh well, day 3 and Budapest is just filled with more and more surprises. It was horrible after a looong night of alcohol and clubbing. Forced myself to wake up early so I can go look for a flat. Interesting enough, I found two interesting exchange students, Czech and Ukraine, a combination that is definitely interesting to have around you…

So the hunt begun….. It was so much fun…. just walking around at -5 C is so awesome… I know most of you would be like … wtf…. its sooo cold…. yeah thats right but with the right combination of clothes, hot drinks and company… It worth every second of it…. I felt so important going from one flat to another…. the architecture in Hungary is so freaking awesome…. It is like living in the medieval ages with modern facilities….

Anyways, It was so much fun…. we got lost so many times yet continuosly kept on trying to figure out where we are at….. Finally, got a place after much time and effort… can’t really explain what the place is like but would upload a video of the place as soon as I move in….

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