The impossible is two drinks away!!


Remember guys… that hot chick who would never even glance at you on the road. You look (stare) at her and wonder what you have to do to her into her pants. Answer : just two more drinks…. The last few days in Hungary, I have seen things that I thought only happened in adult movies. So, yesterday was like my first day out clubbing with the exchange people. The club was good, 500 FT (2 Euros) for entrance and 200FT (0.75 Euros) to keep on belongings safe at the counter. But at the entrance, they give 3 free beer coupons, which is kool cos the beer is at least 500 ml per beer.

So far, the usual clubbing experience…. 2 hours down the road, starts the unexpected. Random people start making out…. Ok fine, I am ok with that we all have our weak moments and we are entitled to one random kiss 🙂 But, it doesn’t stop there, everyone starts making out with everyone else. Hot or not, short or tall, white or brown, after sometime no one cares. Apparently, the only qualification is that you have lips and your straight. Everything else doesn’t matter after two more drinks.

Sad yet thats how much our generation has changed. Of course, I dn’t mind since I am on the benefiting side but then again I feel so sad for all the women/men who plan to get involved or married with these people. Most if not all of them would never know what really happens after two more drinks….. So my advise to every guy out there you never really know what you are capable of until you have a few drinks… The impossible is only two drinks away !!!!!!

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