First Day of Uni, Sightseeing and Striking a Balance


First Day of Uni –

So university started this Monday, the first day of classes was terrible. I couldn’t find where the classes were and finally when I did it was canceled or changed to another room/time. At least I am doing all the courses I wanted…. I  still dn’t believe that I am gonna get my finance specialization on exchange (assuming I pass my exams). Best part of it is that my tutor for two of my courses is a Singaporean lady who absolutely loves me cos I am from Singapore and freaking smart compared to the rest of the class.

Sightseeing –

The evening are spent sightseeing before we head out to the bars in the night. I managed to go to Heroes Square and Buda Castle. These are some pics I took, which I love…





Striking a balance –

What distinguish good men from the bad – Morality. Irrespective of what others would say I would consider myself someone with good sound moral principles. This would obvious hinder me from really having ‘fun’ on exchange. Maybe, that’s why I drink so much alcohol when I am at a bar or disco. At some point, the alcohol would messed up my brain and prevent morality from guiding my actions. It works but the problem is striking the balance of having enough alcohol so I can have ‘fun’ guilty free and remembering it the next day. The right balance is something I have still failed to achieve. I still got a few months… So maybe with time and practice.

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