First Snow, Morning Afters & Pub Crawlings


First Snow –

It was approximately 2.45am, surprising I was still sober and able to recall my surrounding. I looked up and there it was…. little snow flakes…. little snow flakes… that’s right… My first instinct was that i was drunk again and this is one my usual hallucinations. Until, I slipped on the wet snow and fell – face first – yeah that wasn’t the ‘pinch me’ I was expecting but at least it made me realize that I was EXPERIENCING SNOW FOR THE FIRST FREAKING TIME…..

Like a crazy man, I ran around trying to catch it, eat it, throw it and even take some home…. OMG…. that moment… words cannot describe what I felt. Moments like this does make life worth living for…

Morning After –

After 2am, almost every freaking night out… I am unable to recall what happens until I wake up the next morning in my flat (hopefully) or some total stranger’s place. Damn it…. sometimes I wonder why my liver is so resistant. Maybe, its cos I took up drinking only when I was 21 or cos my parents (ignoring everything else) have great physical health, which I must have inherited. Sometimes, I do wish that I would have a higher alcohol tolerance.  Then again, after hearing what really happens after 2am, not remembering it may be the best excuse 🙂

Pub Crawling –

When can you call yourself an addict ? Does it matter that you are enjoying yourself ? Does the reason matter ? …..Freedom….problems….a choice…. happiness….I am not sure why I do it… I know that I do enjoy it yet at the same time I know that its too much and I need to cut back. The problem: I can’t.

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