Academia, Kisses and ‘The life’


Academia –

Thank you NUS.

Until today I have never been able to fully appreciate how much you have done for me. Second week of classes and I have discovered how much easy it is for me. Courses seem simple… answers seem simplier… I feel smarter. Or maybe, its not that I am not smarter but rather than the others are just not from NUS. Irrespective of what people say about NUS, its educational system is far superior that I can feel the difference when I am in class competing against masters student from around the world. And yeah….it feels so nice to be in a class with 15 people and constantly engage in intellectual conversations with the lecturers.

My lecturer for my Investment Analysis and Corporate Finance courses like me so much that she expects me to top both the courses. A taunting task for someone who come on exchange to anything but study. Unfortunately, I am unable to give up my bad habits so I find myself in the library at least for a few hours everyday. Some days, I find myself in the library with nothing to do since I had finished all the work that week. So, I try to keep myself entertained by reading up and researching on my honors thesis. I guess you can say ‘once a nerd always a nerd’.

Kisses –

A topic that crosses my mind whenever I get drunk. Now, I know that to fully appreciate or recognize the true feeling of a kiss it is crucial that you are in love with the other person. Passionate drunk kisses are just hollow and meaningless. It may be fun when you drunk but kissing is a whole lot more than that. Most guys/gals don’t realize this cos they have never kissed someone they loved.

“The life” –

Its the simple things that makes me happy. To open the fridge and find chocolate or juice… to take a shower in a bath tub…. to watch cable tv…. Things most take for granted yet things I never had growing up. So I could confidently say ‘I am living the life’ (except for one thing)… in a way that I couldn’t have ever imagined….

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