3 Bottles of wine + 2 Songs =


So, it all started at the pre-party at samuel’s flat. I wasn’t that keen to go since I was very tired and still hangover from Morrison’s 2 the previous night. But, somehow I found myself at his flat drinking wine. We had about 2 hours before the Mega X-Change party started so most of us had a lot of wine to drink. Some might say we had ‘too much’ wine to drink but then again alcohol consumption is always relative to that person.

So, after much convincing Samuel got us to leave to the ‘Living Room’ (a club in Budapest where the X-Change party was held). As soon as I got there I knew it was gg for me. The excessive consumption of wine was taking its effect and faster than I expected. Usually, I wouldn’t care but this time I promised myself that I wouldn’t be ‘too wasted’ on valentine’s eve and do something I would regret. Neither the welcome drink  nor the few glasses of wine we drank after that helped my cause. As expected, I found myself in the dance floor and as usual dancing with her. The countdown was unexpected and so was the actions post-countdown. The songs that was played during the countdown was actually two of our favorite ones. As the wine took full effect and we got caught up in the moment. What I did wasn’t really surprising but what was said was……

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