Forgive me father, for I have sinned


It all comes back to morality. Irrespective of which religion you are from our actions are governed by a certain set of core moral principles.

Cheating – what would you consider cheating ? If your partner sleeps with someone else ? If your partner is dating another person ? Of course, these are black & white areas. What about more grey areas. If someone else kissses your partner ? If your partner gets drunk and ‘dances’ with a random person at a club ? IF your partner flirts with random guys ? Does it make a difference that its random guys and not A random guy ?

How do you decide which is ‘ok’ and which is not. Of course, one can always talk to the other person in the relationship to explain your boundaries and what you can tolerant or accept. But, the complexity of this problem is furthered by the fact that it also matters how serious one is in the relationship. And no two people are serious at the same level at any given time. So finding a common ground to what we consider cheating would never be an easy task.

Anyways, this post is not really about some theoretical discussion on what is cheating. Rather, it is a confession. I crossed a boundary I never thought I would. The repercussions of which are unravelling itself as we speak and so far its just getting more and more messy. Sometimes, I wish I had some faith and was in a religion that really allows people to confess for their sins and are forgiven. Unfortunately, being  a strong believer in karma would mean that I know what I have done is gonna bite me in my ass someday in the future. Hopefully, when it does I would have the strength to work it out with my partner and it doesn’t go in the same path as this one.

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