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What is wrong wit me ?


Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t me. It can be such a burden having this kind of determination and ego. The few months here have been anything short than magical. I have partied almost every weekday and travelled amongst every fortnight. Of course, this has taken a considerable toll on my academics. Yet, even with such a minimum amount of studying I am in the top 5% of the class for most of my mid-terms examinations.

That should make me happy right ? Sadly No, my ego still want 100% for my mid-terms. Why ? Because, I know the exams were easy and there is still 1 student who got better than me. The fact that she is a hungarian student, which fits the ‘nerd’ stereotype doesn’t help satisfy my ego.

What frightens me the most about this is that it proves how constantly unsatisfied I am. My ego demands that I am THE best at everything. It takes no excuses: the fact that I have had the best social life EVER is irrelevant for this ‘poor’ academic performance. Any other person (all ERASMUS students) would be more than delighted to be in my shoes. Yet, this provides no comfort to my ego.

I think it has set its own bar – a bar which it keeps on raising as I keep on getting closer to it. I can remember during my N’ Levels, all it ‘wanted’ was 4 As out of 7. Then, as I approached my A’ Levels, it was 4As out of 4. Then, Dean’s list in University, a double degree involving law, top student on exchange. Seriously, at this rate my ego is gonna kill me or make me the most successful man in the modern world. Now, the former seems so likely rather than the latter.

Sometimes, I wish I was always happy like I feel when I am out here at night. No great expectations- No unbearable pressure 🙂

One of ‘those’ nights


Note: I am quite tipsy when I am writing this.

I getting the feeling that the every time I get drunk – someone is responsible. After, much thought I have narrowed it down to two people: My finnish flatmate or S. My flatmate is very insisted that I ‘get to know’ as much girls as possible while I am here. And based his logical deduction that is only possible if I am drunk enough. S told me that I am a much nicer guy when I am drunk. Apparently drunken Sami triumphs sober Sami. Hence, both of them are always motivated to get me drunk. Sadly, they have always succeed including tonight. But then, I have to admit drunken Sami is always more fun.

So cheers for one of ‘those’ nights 🙂

Feminine Weakness


So, just last night I was asked, “So, what female characteristics do you look for ?”. After much thought this post is going to attempt to help out all the ladies who are interested in bagging a ‘to-be’ rich famous lawyers.

The list of material attributes are in no particular order:

1. Blonde hair – I think all guys love blonde hair. Something about a women with straight blonde hair, which makes guy feel funny near the groin. (Un)fortunately, I am such a guy.

2. 6-inch Heels (Preference Black) or Red Boots with buckles. I know wearing heels is a torture for most women but trust me any guy would die to see a women in high heels or boots.

3. That blue latin dress – only two others have seen it. It was Slovenia, Ljubljana at Rosa’s wedding. It was a perfect dress in my favorite color. Any other (sober) night, I would have just got down on my knees and asked her to marry me.

4. Long chandelier earrings – ideally shoulder length. I have no idea why I like them but I do.

5. Shoulder length hair (Preference: blonde) that she continuous likes to tuck behind their ears. In addition, this provides an opportunity to glance at the long chandelier earrings

Friday THE 13th


The flat party was great. How could it not. There were Americans/Canadian and there were French. A perfect mix of classiness and skankiness. The french providing us with an amble supply of wine while the Americans providing good old beer. Of course, few of us were already dressed up for Friday the 13th ESN party. Hence, it provided a easy platform to start conversation with total strangers. It was good – but then again – how does one measure how good a party is ?

Maybe, it depends on the number of people who pass out ? Or the number of people who get lucky ? Or just the ‘number’ of people at the party ? Whatever, the reason is one thing was for sure, our flat party rocked as usual. Sadly, kicking people out of an awesome party is never easy. A task I took upon myself given my flat mate were too wasted to even move much less talk.

After several attempts, everyone was out and we headed to the actual party! Again, I should write a note to myself ‘DO NOT drink Vodka Red Bull’. Next morning, I woke at a total stranger’s flat without my green-striped T-Shirt (btw which I love). After repeatedly failing to find it in that flat, I asked S where it was – And so the story goes as follows:

  • An exchange guy convinces me that I would look more like the joker (from batman) without my T-shirt. Me, intoxicated with the Vodka Red Bull, takes off my T-shirt and hands it to S. S (pissed off because of the incident thursday) thinks this would be funny and humiliating and so keeps silent while I walk around topless.
  • Sheeeez – I manage to surprise myself every single time.

Theoretical Love


Why does universities focus on theory before application or practice ? Theory is important as it provides the sound foundation for everything else. The application of any subject matter without understanding the basics and core workings of that subject would be just futile.

Love works along similar lines. Remember the quote “To fall in love with love itself”. That is exactly what I am getting at. To really fall in love, one must fully comprehend the full potential of love.

Unfortunately, there is no degree in ‘love’ offerred in University. However, there are books, internet articles and endless material. A vast range of ideas and concepts about love and everything it encompasses. We should all take the time to read this material and enlighten ourselves about the full potential of love. Only, then can application be successful.

And remember, when you enter into a relationship and fall in love with the wrong person. That is a problem with your understanding of love. I know that love is one of most complex subjects to understand. However, the best things in life are never easy. If it was so easy then so many people wouldn’t desire and crave for it. Just because you do not want to put in the time and effort to understand love does not mean that you have the right to complain about it when it doesn’t work out for you – Do not blame the institution for your stupidity.

Another important point, the need to separate theory and practice. The stupidity of most people is the misconception that love can be learned during the application stage (i.e. when there are going out with someone). Hence, most learning about love through numerous failed relationships and heartaches. Even, the relationships that does work are only ‘warped perceptions’ of love. Most incapable of understanding the full promise of love.

So, do not point the finger at love for your own stupidity and ignorance. Take some time out from your futile application and spend some time on understanding theoretical love. So when someday you do apply this knowledge, you can really understand what is to fall in love. An illusive emotion but by far the greatest emotion any person can feel in a lifetime.

Terrorism & Sports


It was the usual tuesday morning. I woke up and before I got off my bed was trying to get up-to-date with the latest news around the world. Then, I come across an article headlining ‘Cricket under Attack’.

Born as a Sri Lankan, we have an intrinsic right to love this game. I touched a cricket bat before I even saw what a pen or pencil looked like. I learned how to bat and bowl before I learnt to write. We are Sri Lankan and proud of our cricket – even a religion to some of us. That is why I was dumb founded when I was reading this article “Pakistani extremists had opened fire at the Sri Lankan cricket team while they were heading towards the cricket stadium”.

I was thinking to myself. Why on earth would some random muslim extremists do such an heinous act ? I have narrowed down a few reasons why:

1. Publicity – every wants attention – whether its a 2 year toddler or fundamentalist terrorist. Its just that everyone has their own way of getting that attention they desire. A toddler would cry while terrorist would fire and bomb an important figurehead or event. Different methods to achieve the same end – Attention

2. To prevent a series loss. A Conspiracy theory ? Maybe. Pakistan conceded over 600 in the first test against Sri Lanka and it was only repeated in identical fashion in the second test. But, the difference was that this test pitch was not a batting paradise. A defeat was eventual based on previous cricket statistics-  win-loss ratio of team scoring 600 or above in the first innings. Some bookies who had bet a large proportion of their illegally earned money had a vested interest in Pakistan winning. And getting 12 random fundamentalists to kill a non-muslim cricket team wouldn’t be that difficult when you have that much money invested in the Pakistan team winning.

3. LTTE – Lamebrain Tigers of Tamil Eelam was solely responsible for it. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have very good international relations under Mahinda Administration. Pakistan have substantially helped Sri Lanka eradicate the LTTE. From offering fighter jets at discount to even helping us man our jets. Clearly, this situation was a ‘no no’ to the LTTE. To mess up this blossoming  relationship, the LTTE got some of their like-minded friends to do their biding. Unfortunately, Mahinda was more pissed with the LTTE than usual. He up the fighting in the North the last few days so I guess the LTTE’s plan has back fired.

So thats my take on this whole incident. Anyways, I just released how ignorant I have been about the real threat of terrorism. These groups are just getting stronger and more organized. Plus, with the kind of funding they have access to anything could be possible in the future.

Wooorst Night Ever


It all started with 2 €1 wine bottles. I told my finnish flatmate that much cheap wine was gonna fuck us really badly. Apparently, I was right.

It was Vagner’s Bday party at his flat. I haven’t anything to drink for a few days and was really looking to getting piss drunk before the weekend started. We finished both bottles of wine before we got there. Ran into some exchange girls on the way there and helped them finish the ‘just-opened’ Champagne bottle. We were early and that meant that the place was still loaded with free beer and wine. I can remember finishing another bottle and two cans of beer before I got that urge again. So, I went out and was enjoying it when all of a sudden – BLANK.

Saturday Morning 11.00am – I wake up with my head almost gonna explode. I look around and I am in my comfortable bed.

Events unfolding between Fri Post 12.00am and Sat Pre 11.00am:

  1. I had three symbols written with a permanent marker on my hand. There was a picture of cock-and-balls on my right hand. On the other hand, near the forearm had ‘I love frech (french) gals’ and under my arm, ‘Pauline 0670302986’.
  2. My flatmate told me that I had thrown up 5 times in Vagner’s flat. Three times on the carpet and twice next a sign that read ‘Please DO NOT throw up inside’. Apparently, thats how I got kicked out of the party the first time.
  3. I had started to randomly walk in some direction with no coat (nothing) until I saw a forest (a japanese garden). Obviously, this had freaked the drunken moi and forced me to take a cab to the party again. I was allowed re-entry after several minutes of convincing the host that I would not throw up in the flat again (How wrong was he cos I had thrown up again a few more times)
  4. My flatmate told me that I had apparently started drinking off hard liquor bottles (after the beer and wine had ran out) while singing random lyrics until I passed out at about 5.00am.
  5. I lost my phone, very annoyed cos I have no freaking idea what happened if I dropped it or if someone stole it from me. So Pauline, if you are reading this sorry if I can’t call you as I do not own a phone anymore (quite a convenient excuse not to call a chick right ?)

Post Sat 11.00am

I see the photos on fb and can’t even recall posing for them. In addition, I felt so sick that I couldn’t get out of my bed for another 24 hours. Worst of all, I miss my phone, I had just topped up and that was one of best phones I ever owned. Oh, that’s a good lesson for me to NEVER get that drunk ever again. So far, this was the worst night ever in Budapest.