Wooorst Night Ever


It all started with 2 €1 wine bottles. I told my finnish flatmate that much cheap wine was gonna fuck us really badly. Apparently, I was right.

It was Vagner’s Bday party at his flat. I haven’t anything to drink for a few days and was really looking to getting piss drunk before the weekend started. We finished both bottles of wine before we got there. Ran into some exchange girls on the way there and helped them finish the ‘just-opened’ Champagne bottle. We were early and that meant that the place was still loaded with free beer and wine. I can remember finishing another bottle and two cans of beer before I got that urge again. So, I went out and was enjoying it when all of a sudden – BLANK.

Saturday Morning 11.00am – I wake up with my head almost gonna explode. I look around and I am in my comfortable bed.

Events unfolding between Fri Post 12.00am and Sat Pre 11.00am:

  1. I had three symbols written with a permanent marker on my hand. There was a picture of cock-and-balls on my right hand. On the other hand, near the forearm had ‘I love frech (french) gals’ and under my arm, ‘Pauline 0670302986’.
  2. My flatmate told me that I had thrown up 5 times in Vagner’s flat. Three times on the carpet and twice next a sign that read ‘Please DO NOT throw up inside’. Apparently, thats how I got kicked out of the party the first time.
  3. I had started to randomly walk in some direction with no coat (nothing) until I saw a forest (a japanese garden). Obviously, this had freaked the drunken moi and forced me to take a cab to the party again. I was allowed re-entry after several minutes of convincing the host that I would not throw up in the flat again (How wrong was he cos I had thrown up again a few more times)
  4. My flatmate told me that I had apparently started drinking off hard liquor bottles (after the beer and wine had ran out) while singing random lyrics until I passed out at about 5.00am.
  5. I lost my phone, very annoyed cos I have no freaking idea what happened if I dropped it or if someone stole it from me. So Pauline, if you are reading this sorry if I can’t call you as I do not own a phone anymore (quite a convenient excuse not to call a chick right ?)

Post Sat 11.00am

I see the photos on fb and can’t even recall posing for them. In addition, I felt so sick that I couldn’t get out of my bed for another 24 hours. Worst of all, I miss my phone, I had just topped up and that was one of best phones I ever owned. Oh, that’s a good lesson for me to NEVER get that drunk ever again. So far, this was the worst night ever in Budapest.

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